Publication of positive results from the TRIAC-1 trial

Rare Thyroid Therapeutics announced today that the results from the TRIAC-1 Trial, the first clinical trial with its lead product candidate Emcitate® for the treatment of MCT8 deficiency, were published in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

In the trial, which was conducted by researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) in Rotterdam, 46 patients with MCT8 deficiency from 9 different countries were treated for 12 months. Treatment resulted in effective reduction in thyroid hormone levels as well as improvements in clinically relevant outcome measures such as bodyweight, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and biochemical markers of thyroid hormone action in various tissues. Overall, the results of the study suggest that several key features of the condition can be rapidly and durably alleviated under treatment with Emcitate in both paediatric and adult MCT8 patients.

The full publication can be accessed here.

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